NHS patients ‘injected with DEADLY blood for FIVE years after risk identified’ report says : Express.

NHS PATIENTS were reportedly contaminated with infected blood – five years after senior doctors first highlighted what was happening, it has been claimed.


Families are reportedly suing the Government via the High Court later today
Patients were put at risk after blood was imported from the US where it had reportedly been taken from prisoners, drug addicts and prostitutes who donated blood for cash in the 1970 and 80s.

Thousands of people were infected with Hepatitis and some with HIV, leading to nearly 2,000 deaths.

Newly discovered minutes from meetings in 1980 and 1981 show that senior doctors and officials were aware they were putting patients in danger, The Daily Mail reports.

The NHS had been low on supplies at the time and patients with haemophilia were allegedly given a clotting agent named Factor VIII which was extracted from donors’ blood.

Today 300 families of victims are suing the Government with the documents likely to play a central role in a civil action.

Read More : Express.



  1. It’s an absolute scandal. How can someone make that decision to recklessly gamble with people’s lives in this way?


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