Former Labour chancellor vows to ‘FIGHT FROM WITHIN’ to take control from Jeremy Corbyn : Express.

FORMER Labour chancellor Alistair Darling has vowed to wrestle back control of the party from Jeremy Corbyn, claiming the idea of a new party is “for the birds”.

Alistair Darling vows to take control of Labour

Alistair Darling has vowed to fight for control of Labour

Mr Darling’s remarks come just days after one of the Labour leader’s most senior allies called for de-selections if Labour MPs did not toe the line in Westminster.

Chris Williamson, the MP for Derby North who was recently appointed shadow fire services minister, said “MPs need to reflect the political program that is overwhelming supported by Labour members and by Labour supporters”.

Mr Williamson added that mandatory re-selection would “concentrate minds”.

He said: “MPs need to reflect the political programme that is overwhelmingly supported by Labour members and Labour supporters and if people aren’t prepared to do that then it will be up to members in their local constituencies to find someone else who will.”

It led to increased speculation that a new party could be formed by disgruntled Labour MPs looking for a return to the new Labour politics of the Tony Blair era.

When asked on Radio 4’s Today programme about the possibility of splinter groups forming, Mr Darling said: “Setting up a new party is for the birds as far as I’m concerned”.

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  1. What the old-guard like Darling, Mandelson etc seem to forget, is that they work for us. We pay their very generous wages, and as such, they are our employees.

    The MPs in the party need to back up the leader, or go elsewhere. There should be no safe seats, for life. Each MP should have to work hard for our votes, and be re-selected before each election.

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