Millions of families struggling as budgets squeezed by rising costs and inflation : Express.

MILLIONS of working parents are struggling to pay the bills as rising costs, a freeze on benefits and inflation squeezes their budgets.

family budgets

Millions of families are struggling as budgets gets squeezed by rising costs and inflation

And children are finding their after-school clubs, sports and activities sacrificed as the money is needed for necessities, found research for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF).

A two-child family with one breadwinner, and one not working, is £120 a week short of reaching a minimum income standard, up by £17 a week from last year, the social policy charity said.

An increase in the national living wage is offset by a cut in tax credits and housing benefit and a rise in tax and National Insurance payments, according to the study.

Read More : Daily Express.



  1. It’s bloody awful living hand to mouth, especially with young children. The greed of employers, landlords, energy companies and the government taxing everyone to the limits, is disgraceful. Life becomes just an existence.

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