‘Don’t forget they came out of it alive!’: Top Tory councillor apologises after slamming Grenfell Tower survivors for ‘complaining despite getting money, food and housing’ : Daily Mail.

  • Nadia Cenci is leader of the Tory opposition group on Ipswich Council in Suffolk
  • She’s dramatically quit Twitter after facing a backlash over her view on Grenfell
  • Cllr Cenci tweeted: ‘I’ve just stopped listening and my sympathy is diminishing’
  • Later she claimed she had meant to criticise left-wingers who’ve politicised fire

A top Tory councillor has apologised and deleted her Twitter account after sparking a social media firestorm over the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Nadia Cenci, leader of the Conservative opposition group on Ipswich Council in Suffolk, has been active on Twitter since 2011 using the handle ‘An Ipswich Tory’.

But she’s now dramatically quit the social network after replying to another post declaring public sympathy for the deadly disaster’s victims was fast running out.

Twitter user Malcolm Wood insisted: ‘Support for Grenfell residents is fading.

‘They have been offered money, food, clothing, housing and full support, yet they still complain.’

Ms Cenci replied: ‘Not forgetting that they actually came out of it alive. Afraid I feel you might be right.’

She later added: ‘I’ve just stopped listening and my sympathy is diminishing – I can’t pretend otherwise.’

The Tory chief’s comment ignited fury from other Twitter users as outraged critics called for her to step down as Conservative group leader.

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  1. Time for the Tories to demonise the victims, as it covers up their failings as a government who doesn’t give a toss about the safety of the people.

    Their faux sympathy didn’t last very long, did it?


  2. lets imagine she said this at remembrance day or may be to holocaust survivors, what would be the reaction? Of course she never would dare say that out loud would she. So what is the difference here? is it the amount of suffering?

    Well no, what the Grenfell Tower survivors went through was truly horrific. Add to that trauma the fact that they nearly died because the flammable material was deliberately added to their block by choice, oh not their choice, they never wanted it and said it was a death trap. The choice was made by a group of people the Grenfell residents could not challenge because they had, had all their rights to mount a legal challenge removed.

    So why are these people different? why don’t they deserve empathy?

    The politicians are just one slip away from revealing their true rotten core. So what was the solution? sack her? oh no, delete her twitter account so she can’t accidentally reveal her true thoughts again. This shows the acceptance in her party for these kind of thoughts, just don’t tell anyone who might care.

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