Why Jeremy Corbyn’s new middle class luvvie fans mean he WON’T become PM : Express.

JEREMY Corbyn has abandoned traditional Labour voters in favour of middle class luvvies and professionals in a desperate bid for power – and that is exactly why he won’t become prime minister, a report claimed.

The Labour leader enjoyed a shocking surge of last minute votes at the June 8 election – buoyed by a “tsunami of support” from Britain’s young millenials and middle classes, according to polling expert John Curtice.

And while Prime Minister Theresa May failed to secure her much-needed majority, Mr Corbyn continues to insist his party is a “government in waiting”.

But a report has revealed that while Labour has abandoned many of its traditional working class voters, those are exactly who he needs to clinch power.

A report by Policy Network, whose president is former cabinet minister Lord Mandelson, claimed Labour’s support is strongest amongst the professional middle class “social liberals”, economically precarious young people and those on the very lowest incomes.

Jeremy Corbyn at a college skills eventPA

Labour is traditionally the party of the working class

However if a second election was called, Mr Corbyn would need to win another 64 seats to get a majority – more than twice the net gains from June 8.

And to do so, the party needs to build support in other groups – particularly among C2 voters who struggle to “make ends meet”, described by Mrs May as the “just about managing”.

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  1. He hasn’t abandoned the working class. They have abandoned him.

    The Express, Mail and Sun have played a big part in this by constantly inciting racial hatred, and telling the hard of thinking to vote Conservative, as only Theresa May can slam the borders shut and stop all immigrants from stealing their jobs. Which is something that she spectacularly failed to manage as Home Secretary by the way.

    Once they realise that Brexit will never happen with Theresa May, I’m sure they will all come to their senses.

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