BLUE ON BLUE Police officers accused of joining hard-left activists to openly abuse Tory candidates during election : Sun.

One North Wales MP Guto Bebb claims he was so badly harassed by the force that he has taken out four complaints against the chief constable.

POLICE officers are today accused of openly harassing Tory candidates during the election campaign – plunging the scandal of politicians’ abuse to a new low.

Serving cops joined hard left activists to carry out vile insults and intimidation on social media and in person, Conservative MPs claim.


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Police officers have been accused of openly harassing Tory MPs during the election campaign

A campaign waged against North Wales MP and government minister Guto Bebb was so bad that he has lodged four different complaints to his force’s chief constable.

Another Tory candidate has claimed his protests to police chiefs in Lincolnshire over harassment were laughed away.

And others say they were victims of a raft of anonymous abuse online by cops hiding their identities.

The revelations will inflame the spiralling row over the sinister role played by some public sector workers during the general election.

Tory MP Simon Hart will tomorrow lift the lid on the shameful behaviour by detailing sinning cops’ behaviour during a debate on political abuse in Westminster Hall.

Even veteran politicians say they have never experienced such a high level of vitriol, death threats and physical aggression as they did last month.

Guto Bebb

Tory MP Guto Bebb has had to take out four complaints against his force’s chief constable

In the most alarming episode, one serving police officer emailed Bebb directly to tell him: “While I still have an a***hole, I will campaign every day to get rid of you as an MP”.

Another police officer posted a message to him on Facebook that accused him of being “a Tory c***”.

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