Bonkers aid binge British taxpayers shelling out additional £45million in foreign aid to provide condoms in Africa : Sun.

International Development SecretaryBRITISH taxpayers are shelling out another £45 million in foreign aid cash – to pay for condoms and other contraceptives in Africa.

It takes the “family planning” package targeting unwanted pregnancies in Africa and Asia to £220 million.


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Taxpayers are shelling out £45 million in foreign aid cash to provide condoms and other contraceptives in Africa

It will help 20 million women get contraceptives and stop 6 million unintended pregnancies as part of a programme to stem sky-high population growth.

An estimated 214 million women around the world do not want to get pregnant but do not have access to contraceptives.

But it sparked a backlash from Tory MPs who demanded cash from Britain’s ballooning £13 billion foreign aid budget be diverted to pay for the same problems in the UK.

African and Asian women will be given a choice of contraceptives – including injections that last three months so those living in remote areas won’t have to travel long distances every time they want it.

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  1. The government are willing to send millions to look after other countries, but can’t find the money to look after it’s own citizens.


  2. This is an investment, Melinda Gates is currently on a big media circuit pushing for ‘the rights of women’ to have contraception in Africa. I heard a tv interview with her yesterday and it made my skin creep, all about how the world has never had to support so many people. Oddly the conversation was not about women’s rights and more about what the earth can support.


  3. Every single person in the world, all 7.5 billion of them, would fit on the Isle of Man. I read that somewhere yesterday.

    There is plenty in the world for everyone, it’s just that the likes of Bill & Melinda Gates think they should have more than everyone else.


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