Grenfell Tower’s highly combustible insulation also used on Glasgow’s £842million superhospital : Daily Record.

The cladding used to build Queen Elizabeth University Hospital has raised fire safety fears and critics have called for a government probe.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital was built with the same highly combustible insulation material used in Grenfell Tower (Image: Victoria Stewart/SWNS)

Scotland’S £842million superhospital was built with the same insulation material used in Grenfell Tower, where about 80 people died in a horrific fire last month.

Last night, the Government were being urged to launch an urgent investigation into the situation at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow.

The Record can reveal that an insulation material called Kingspan Kooltherm K15 – which was used on the Grenfell flats in north London – was also used in the new hospital.

Under test conditions, it was found to be highly combustible – although the manufacturers insist the product is safe when installed properly.

Labour’s health spokesman Anas Sarwar said: “Anyone who has seen the horror of Grenfell will have deep concerns around the products and what accelerated the fire.

“An urgent investigation needs to take place, not just into the QEUH, but all public-sector facilities which may have used similar products.

“The Health Secretary and the First Minister should be demanding a swift investigation and testing of these insulation systems in order to give confidence to staff and patients.”

Sean Clerkin of the Scottish Tenants Organisation said: “For many weeks, the STA have been demanding all the tower blocks in Scotland be fire assessed but the Scottish Government will not do this.

“Every public building, like hospitals and schools, should be properly fire tested as well.”

Read More : Daily Record.


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