999 cars bid to ‘fix targets’NHS bosses sending cars instead of ambulances ‘in bid to fiddle 999 figures’ : Sun.

Claims safety is being put at risk by sending cars, which can’t carry patients to hospital.

SICK Brits needing an ambulance are being forced to wait hours – with emergency operators accused of sending cars instead to fiddle targets.

It comes as the NHS is expected to give 999 crews three extra minutes to respond to calls to help tackle delays.

 The cars can't carry patients but can help with response time figures

The cars can’t carry patients but can help with response time figures

A whistleblower claims East of England Ambulance Trust are intentionally sending rapid response vehicles to 999 calls, even though they cannot transfer the patient.

It means many are then left waiting hours for an ambulance to reach them.

Critics warn the “stop the clock” policy is putting patient safety at risk.

Lib Dem former health minister Norman Lamb told the Health Service Journal said the practice was “perverse in the extreme”.

The revelation comes as NHS bosses are expected to quadruple the time ambulances have to respond to calls.

Health service rules state 75 per cent of 999 requests classed as “life threatening” should receive help within eight minutes.

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  1. This has always been the case in our area. If you ring for an ambulance, the rapid response paramedic turns up in the car, except in the case of a major road accident or other multiple victim scenario, in which case ambulances attend.

    I think it works quite well, they can stabilise your condition and assess if you need to be transferred to hospital, in which case they have the authority to prioritise depending on the urgency.


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