Ayr man recovering from life-saving cancer surgery hounded by South Ayrshire Council over just £45 of rent arrears : Daily Record.

He went under the knife for a gruelling, 12-hour operation, to save him from cancer – and was ordered to attend a meeting days later.

Martin Allen is furious with South Ayrshire Council (Image: Euan McCall/Ayrshire Post)


A cancer sufferer was ordered to attend a meeting as he lay in hospital recovering from a 12-hour operation – over just £45 of rent arrears.

Martin Allen, 56, went under the knife for a gruelling procedure to save him from throat cancer.

But hard-hearted council bosses ordered him to attend a meeting for the rent dispute that he thought was already dealt with.

He said: “I’m raging about it. They’re saying I owe four days money because of when I moved into the flat.

“They’re a bunch of liars.

“They phoned when I was in hospital about this money. I told them I’d make it to the meeting by hook or by crook.

“Why am I the victim here? All they told me to do was calm down when I asked them for answers.”

The meeting, slated for Friday afternoon, was postponed because Martin underwent his operation just days earlier.

Furious Martin showed the Ayrshire Post a copy of the letter he was sent by South Ayrshire Council – and played a recording of a conversation with a housing officer.

The letter claims that “despite making every effort to discuss this matter with you, your rent account is not being maintained in a satisfactory manner.”

And a housing officer told Martin they wouldn’t take any action on his account – before 30 seconds later asking to set up an “arrangement” for the outstanding £45.

Read More : Daily Record.



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