Britain CAPITULATES? UK finally accepts it WILL have to foot a bill for Brexit : Express.

BRITAIN has, for the first time, explicitly acknowledged that it will face a heavy financial bill after exiting the EU.

The UK’s admission is likely to avert a full-scale dispute with EU officials over an ‘exit bill’ as the two sides prepare for talks next week.

In a written statement to Parliament, the Government recognised the need for a “financial settlement”, adding “that the UK has obligations to the EU… that will survive the UK’s withdrawal – and these need to be resolved”.

The text has been released by minister Joyce Anelay, and has been seen by Brussels as a significant and important development.

UK accepts it will have to foot a bill for BrexitGETTY•PA

UK finally accepts it will have to foot a bill for Brexit

Diplomats within the EU say the wording of the statement “goes further” than Prime Minister ’s previous reference to Britain’s willingness to reach a “fair settlement” of as yet unspecified obligations.

The UK’s concessionary statement came as former Prime Minister Tony Blair called on Mrs May to consider negotiating a deal to stay within a Europe that was “itself prepared to reform and meet us halfway”.

In an article published on his own website, Mr Blair said: “Reform is now on Europe’s agenda.

“European leaders, certainly from my discussions, are willing to consider changes to accommodate Britain, including around freedom of movement.”

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  1. The rest of them make excuses for him though. I’ve just watched Hammond doing that on the Marr show.

    How has Boris even got a job? Especially an important one as foreign secretary. He was useless as mayor of London, and I’m sure he’s no better in this job. What must people from other countries think of us?


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