INSIDE STORY OF ELECTION DISASTER Theresa May’s ex spin-doctor reveals how toxic advisers, a car crash election and a £1,000 leather outfit caused brown trouser time for Tories : Sun.

Former communications chief Katie Perrior lifted the lid on life at Downing Street – which she compared to an episode of TV political satire The Thick Of It.


THERESA MAY was “forced” to wear a pair of £995 brown leather trousers in the infamous photoshoot that made her a laughing stock, a senior aide has revealed.

The PM had wanted to wear her own outfit but was overruled by then-joint chief of staff Fiona Hill, who insisted on bringing in posh gear from a designer.

Theresa May

Austin Hargrave
Theresa May’s ex-spin doctor lifted the lid on the bizarre photo shoot which saw her don £1,000 brown leather trousers

Hill was also horrified the shoot in the leader’s flat nearly went ahead ­without floral arrangements — blasting: “Where’s the f***ing hydrangeas?”

Former communications chief Katie Perrior lifted the lid on the bizarre ­episode yesterday, which she claims was part of a catalogue of chaos, cock-ups and tantrums at Downing Street.

She said life at No10 was like TV ­political satire The Thick Of It — and blamed the ­volatile behaviour of the PM’s two most senior advisers, Hill and Nick Timothy.

Perrior, who quit after a “horrendous” ten months, blames “the gruesome ­twosome” for ruining everything Mrs May had worked to achieve.

She said: “I knew that without these two chiefs of staff, Theresa May would never have become Prime Minister. But by the very nature of the way they acted, I knew they would also be her downfall. And they very nearly were.”

The ex-spin doctor said the pair, who resigned following last month’s election after cooking up the Tories’ disastrous manifesto, let power go to their heads almost as soon as their boss became PM.

Katie Perrior

Steve Back
Former communications chief Katie Perrior quit after a ‘horrendous’ ten months

She wrote in the Times magazine yesterday of life at No10: “It was grim.

“Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy . . . ran No10 in one way — you were either with them or against them, and if you dared question anything you were frozen out.

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