‘We need someone who can take control’ Tory plot to oust Theresa May by CHRISTMAS revealed : Express.

DISGRUNTLED Tory MPs are plotting to remove Theresa May from Downing Street as early as Christmas, it has been revealed.

Party members are believed to still be furious following the result of the Prime Minister’s snap election, which saw her lose the hard fought majority held by David Cameron.

A former cabinet minister said: “The rider is plonked on top of the horse at the moment, the reins are loose, it’s galloping off and there’s no control.

“We need someone who can grab control, ride the horse and address the two fundamental issues we face: Corbyn and Brexit.”

One former minister claimed it was “absolutely crazy” for Mrs May to have held onto her job after “having created this balls up”.

Party insiders, still fuming from the results of the general election, are expected to collude over the summer recess before asking Mrs May to offer a date for her resignation.

Read More : Express.



  1. They must really hate her for losing the majority. It just shows though how deceitful they are, telling the country that they support her still, even if it’s through gritted teeth.

    Trouble is, they’ve no-one to replace her, as the rest of them are even worse than her.

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