Disability activists step up action against the Tories : Morning Star.

by Felicity Collier

POLITICIANS must not give up on disabled people’s rights amid the “Brexit frenzy,” activist Linda Burnip warned yesterday ahead of a week of action opposing “the endless number of attacks” on people with disabilities in Britain.

Disability activists will be staging protests from today to draw attention to the devastating effects of Tory cuts which have seen the number of disabled people living in poverty rise to 4.2 million.

A national day of action by Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) will see protests today outside jobcentres and hospitals.

Ms Burnip, who co-founded DPAC, told the Star: “We’re doing this to make sure that MPs don’t give up on disabled people’s rights in the Brexit frenzy.

“It’s important that we remain visible and our needs are acted upon.

“We usually have a week of action every year, but this year we are opposing the endless number of attacks on disabled people’s rights that multiply and get worse and worse.”

The campaign group is enc ouraging activists to protest outside benefit assessment centres, libraries and town halls up and down the country and write to MPs, with a lobby of Parliament planned for tomorrow.

Illustrating the life-changing impacts of cuts, Ms Burnip gave the example of 80-year-old Ann Pridmore from Leicester, who had two thirds of her disability benefit slashed, losing her overnight care.

“She’s terrified about her future,” Ms Burnip said, adding that Ms Pridmore’s friend who has a visual impairment has had her care reduced by 12 hours a week.

Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty said that “these cuts are an attack on us all, any of us could fall sick or become disabled.

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1 Comment

  1. I think the government gave up on the rights of the disabled years ago.

    DPAC have done sterling work, keeping disability issues in the news.


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