Self-interest is at the heart of bitter feuds in Theresa May’s Tory government : Daily Record.

Record View reacts to the ongoing Conservative civil war as deep division on Brexit leads to backstabbing and cabinet leaks.


Prime Minister Theresa May is fighting Tory insurgency (Image: 2017 Getty Images)

Strong and stable? Theresa May is a Prime Minister so lacking in authority that she has to plead like a harassed mother with the testosterone teenagers in her Cabinet to stop briefing against each other.

That the Tory Cabinet want to knife each other on the way down is not our concern but the European countries these privileged chancers have to negotiate with in our name also read the papers.

They can see the PM’s authority is shot. They can see that David Davis – who cannot even turn up for a photo op with the right props – is a blustering timewaster.

They can see that Boris Johnson, who tells Brussels to go whistle while the clock tick-tocks down on Brexit, is out of his depth in a shallow puddle.

As they stamp on each other’s faces in the scramble up the greasy pole, the Cabinet have shown they are far removed from the catastrophe that two successive Tory prime ministers have caused and unconcerned about the national calamity.

They deserve only each other and a sack in which to contain their feuding.

Link : Daily Record.



  1. Not one of them is interested in what’s good for the country, all they care about is having the top job and all the powers that go with it.

    If Gove, Johnson and Davis are the best they can come up with, heaven help us all.


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