Corbyn’s voting cheats should PAY! Theresa May demands justice for student ‘double-voting’ : Express.

THE PRIME MINISTER has demanded that voting cheats are reported to the police and prosecuted amid growing evidence that student fraud could have significantly boosted Labour’s support in the election and stopped the Tories winning a majority.

Theresa May

Theresa May has urged for ‘voting cheats’ to be reported to the police and prosecuted

Theresa May’s intervention came after it emerged that the Electoral Commission has launched a probe into so called “double voting” by Leftwing students in the election in at least 38 constituencies.

This follows Corbyn supporting students openly boasting on social media that they had illegally voted twice – once in their university seat and also in their home constituency.

Seats like Kensington, Canterbury and Lincoln which Labour surprisingly won off the Tories with tiny majorities all had large student votes.

And in Lincoln the former Conservative MP Karl McCartney has sent in  screen shots of students who claimed to have voted twice.

Mr Corbyn “bribed” students by offering to fork out £100 billion to end tuition fees and pay off student debt.

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  1. It’s a bit rich, the Tories complaining about cheating at the election.

    They are the biggest cheats ever. It’s been proved that they won the 2015 election by cheating, they also set up a secret call centre in Neath, to illegally target voters in this election. They even have a Tory counting the postal votes.

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