Galloway says Blair and ‘millionaire friends’ will do anything to thwart Brexit ‘miracle’ : Express.

George Galloway said Tony Blair and a cohort of ‘City interests’ will do anything to snuff out the ‘miracle’ of Brexit.


The outspoken former MP told the Richie Allen radio show that powerful interests are fighting Brexit.

Mr Galloway said: “There is no doubt there are very formidable forces now on the battlefield trying to kill it, lead by the aforementioned Tony Blair and all his millions and his many millionaire friends.

“But not only them of course, the big city interests, the bankers, the city slickers, the big captains of industry who never wanted Brexit in the first place, big business and the civil service, the deep state, the BBC, most of the mainstream media are all against it.

Brexit news - Galloway Tony Blair Getty/BBC

George Galloway called Brexit a ‘miracle.’

“So, it was a bit of a miracle that we won the Brexit referendum, but win it we did.”

He said that the British people had rejected the attempts to avert Brexit at the general election and that Tory infighting is symptomatic of the wider split in society.

He said: “80% of the people voted either Conservative or Labour, both of whom were committed to Brexit.

“Only the Liberal Democrats and the nationalist parties, Scottish, Welsh and Irish campaigned for another referendum and to stop the Brexit affair.

“So there are formidable forces on both sides, Irrerststable forces and immovable objects, so it’s too early to say, I think, but the fighting inside the cabinet room is a symptom of the struggle that’s going on.”

The comments come after Mr Blair sparked outrage after claiming Brexiteers failed to understand what they voted for.

The former PM was accused of “patronising” northern voters following a controversial TV interview on Sunday.

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  1. Good old George. He is a constant thorn in Blair’s side.

    If Blair is trying to bully people into trying to overturn the Brexit decision, it will be for selfish reasons that benefit him directly.

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