Grandad sent home to die with Gaviscon after hospital ward closed due to staff shortages : Daily Record.

Brian Gibb was turned away by docs on Saturday night and died just 24 hours later of a suspected heart attack.

Brian Gibb died of a suspected heart attack 24 hours after being turned away by doctors.

A grandad died of a suspected heart attack less than 24 hours after hospital doctors sent him home with Gaviscon.

Brian Gibb, 69, who was suffering from chest pains, arrived at his local hospital on a Saturday night to find the ward for heart attack and stroke patients closed because of staff shortages.

His family say medics gave him an electrocardiogram scan but didn’t do a blood test which would have shown whether he had suffered a heart attack.

Instead, he was given Gaviscon, which is widely used to treat heartburn and indigestion, and told he could go home.

Brian’s wife Margaret, 67, found him dead in bed the next day. He left four children and nine grandchildren.

Margaret is now demanding answers about the care Brian received before he died on Sunday, July 9.

Health Secretary Shona Robison has asked for a report on the tragedy.

Margaret said: “Brian never smoked or drank alcohol. He was very fit.

“He had just got a new three-litre Jaguar and we were planning to go away for two or three days up north in it.

“He drove himself to hospital and when he got there they put him on a monitor and said it wasn’t a heart attack.

“But the paramedic who came to the house after he died said they hadn’t followed correct procedure. He should have had that blood test.”

Read More : Daily Record.


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