Labour MP urges people to ‘break the law’ and smoke cannabis in Parliament : Mirror.

Former shadow minister Paul Flynn said people should break the law and “see what happens”

An MP has urged people to “break the law” and use cannabis in Parliament in a drastic bid to change the law.

Labour veteran Paul Flynn demanded direct action to allow the drug for medicinal use – telling how he himself helped someone use it on the highly-guarded Westminster estate.

The campaigning MP told a Commons debate on drugs policy: “I would call on people, and I know we aren’t supposed to do this as members, to break the law. To come here and use cannabis here and see what happens and challenge the government, the authorities to arrest them and take them in.

“That’s the only way it’ll get through the common mind of the government which is set in concrete and the whole law is evidence-free and prejudice-rich.”

Mr Flynn recalled how he helped make a cup of cannabis tea on the House of Commons terrace – a bar overlooking the Thames flanked by doorkeepers and police.

He told MPs he “committed a terrible crime” with Elizabeth Brice, a multiple sclerosis sufferer who campaigned for medicinal cannabis before her death in 2011.

He said Ms Brice, who used the pseudonym Claire Hodges, was a “wonderful, vibrant” woman

He told MPs: “She came to this House and together, collaborating with her, we committed a terrible crime on the terrace of this House.

“Because I supplied her with a cup of hot water into which she put cannabis and she drank cannabis tea.

“Now according to the rules of this House, the policy approved by the government and sadly by the Opposition as well, she was liable to go to prison for seven years for that.

“I mean, I probably would be accompanying her.

“I think we have to say to those who put up with the barbaric stupidity and cruelty of government policy that denies seriously ill people their medicine of choice. We’ve got to call on those who are in this position to act in a way of civil disobedience.”

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  1. It’s ridiculous to not legalise cannabis, when tobacco and alcohol are legal. All I can think is that there is not enough profit in it for the government.


  2. With the ever increasing cost of cigarettes & tobacco going up year on year, the threat of putting the cost of alcohol up by over 3 times the price of today. There wont be much tax to collect with people not being able to afford these luxuries much longer.

    Making Cannabis legal, can and will bring in a profit in tax. Smokers and drinkers numbers are falling. They will have to change it’s stance on the issue of making it legal. I belief it’s pharmaceutical’s that are to blame for this. It will be them loosing out on profit margins. Sales of opium based drugs will dwindle.


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