No, Jeremy Corbyn didn’t ‘mislead’ people over tuition fees – and Theresa May is misleading people about it : Mirror.

The Prime Minister claimed the Labour leader had misled young people. She should probably give young people more credit.

Theresa May today challenged Jeremy Corbyn to apologise for “misleading young people” over a pledge to wipe out student debt.

It’s been a frequent Tory attack line in recent days, after Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner both said such an idea was a goal, not a promise.

Tory backbencher Bob Blackman raised the issue at the final Prime Minister’s Questions before the summer break.

He asked the Prime Minister: “Can she think of anyone who should apologise for misleading the British public?”

The PM replied: “I think it’s very important as people are thinking about going to university that they are not misled in any way.

She added: “At the election the Labour party vowed to deal with student debt. Labour were going to abolish student debt, now they say it wasn’t a promise at all.

“Students know Labour can’t be trusted on student fees.”

The thing is, Jeremy Corbyn never “vowed” to “abolish student debt”.

What the Prime Minister said was untrue and, in itself, misleading.

Indeed, in a later debate on tuition fees, Angela Rayner accused Tory frontbenchers of “wilfully misrepresenting” her party’s policy.

She said Labour has “no plans” to write off existing student debt, adding: “We never promised to do so.” And she’s right.

Here’s why.

Did Jeremy Corbyn really promise to wipe out student debt?

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  1. There should be consequences for any MP who stands up in the house of commons and knowingly tells a lie to discredit the opposition.

    I watched the emergency debate that Angela Rayner brought, yesterday. The Tories have sneaked through, without debate, an increase in tuition fees. However, instead of apologising for subverting democracy, they stood up, one by one, and lied about the student debt instead.

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