Tories to force people born after 1970 to work until 68 under new pension laws : Daily Record.

The rise in pension age will come in from 2037 and the Tories have been accused of burying the bad news.

Theresa May sneaked the announcement out before the summer recess (Image: PA Wire)

People born after 1970 will not be eligible for a state pension until they are 68, it was announced yesterday.

The rise in the pension age will come in from 2037, seven years earlier than planned, and affects millions of workers aged 40-47.

Opposition MPs accused the Tories of sneaking the 
controversial announcement out as the Commons prepares for the summer recess in order to avoid a prolonged backlash.

And the SNP claimed the move would be hardest on people in 
Scotland, where some communities have historically low life 

No 10 were also forced to deny claims the pensions statement was timed to “bury” the bad news on the same day the BBC revealed their top stars’ pay.

“I don’t think it’s legitimate to say we were seeking to bury it,” said Theresa May’s spokesman.

Work and Pensions Secretary David Gauke announced the shift in policy, which it is estimated will save the Government £74billion in pension payments.

Labour’s Shadow Pensions 
Secretary Debbie Abrahams condemned the Government’s “slash and burn” policies on social security, which she said would hit older people, particularly those facing health problems in later life.

She said: “Most pensioners will now spend their retirement battling a toxic cocktail of ill health, with men expected to drift into ill health at 63 – five years earlier than this proposed state pension age of 68 – while women expect to see signs of ill health at 64.

“The Government talk about making Britain fairer but their pensions policy, whether it’s about the injustice our 1950s-born women are facing or today’s proposal to increase the state pension age to 68, is anything but fair.”

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  1. Another broken promise. Only a few weeks ago, they said they had no plans to increase the state pension age. Then they slip this out, whilst everyone is distracted, talking about BBC pay scandal. They hope everyone will have forgotten by the time they return in September.


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