NAT BOSS ‘HYPOCRITE’ SNP leader in Westminster refuses to give up £1,500-an-hour job running a funeral company : Sun.

Ian Blackford has two jobs as a company boss as well as his official position.

THE SNP’S Westminster boss last night refused to quit his £1,500-an-hour second job.

Ian Blackford was accused of hypocrisy for keeping the lucrative post as chairman of a funerals company.

Ian Blackford, the SNP's Commons leader

PA:Press Association
Ian Blackford, the SNP’s Commons leader, is paid £48,000 a year by two companies

The Nationalists have previously slammed other MPs who have second jobs, arguing that they are letting voters down.

Read More : Sun.


1 Comment

  1. They are all at it.

    No wonder funerals are so expensive, if he’s being paid £1,500 an hour. Where do they find these cushy jobs? It’s more of a bribe, than a wage!


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