Stubborn Tory MPs increase Westminster refurbishment bill by £2BILLION as they refuse to leave building : Mirror.

A group of Tory backbenchers look set to scupper plans to move MPs into temporary buildings while restoration work takes place – a move which would cuts costs and reduce the time of the refurb by at least two decades.

A group of Tories are digging their heels in to remain in Westminster at great cost to the taxpayer (Image: PA)

Stubborn Tories refusing to leave the Palace of Westminster will increase the cost of repairs by £2bn.

Since 2012, MPs and Lords have been arguing about the best way to carry out the urgent work.

And they looked set to agree that temporarily moving out so a complete overhaul could take place is the best solution.

But a group of Tory backbenchers look set to scupper the plan, which would see MPs temporarily housed in other government buildings.

A source close to the refurbishment committee says they are plotting to make sure they stay in Parliament while work goes ahead.

And that means the cost – and the timescale – of repairs will increase astronomically.

One source close to the restoration planning said: “They are really dug in over this.

“What we expect to happen is a day of debate, then the government will go away and consider the options.

“But they are already minded not to move out to keep these backbenchers happy.

House of Commons
Decanting MPs into other government buildings would save £2billion and decades of disruption (Image: PA)

“There’s no sensible argument to stay. The place is dangerous and desperately needs work.

“They are only staying for prestige and tradition. There are a few of the older ones who want to see out their time in Westminster rather than moving elsewhere.

“It doesn’t make any sense. It’s going to be a lot more expensive and a lot more problematic.”

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  1. They should be forced out. Change the locks and cancel their passes over the summer. Then stick them in a conference room somewhere when parliament resumes.

    Who the hell do they think they are?


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