Fewer drug and alcohol addicts are going into state-funded rehab – and some people are blaming cuts : Mirror.

Inpatient detox admissions fell a quarter from 20,046 to 15,813 over five years, figures suggest. And there’s a split over why it’s happening.

The number of ‘inpatient detox’ admissions dropped by a quarter, the figures suggest (Image: WIN-Initiative RM)

The number of drug and alcohol addicts going into major full-time rehab have fallen over the last few years, figures reveal today.

The number of statutory ‘inpatient detox’ admissions fell by a quarter from 20,046 in 2010/11 to 15,813 in 2015/16, the figures suggest.

In the same period the number of statutory residential rehab admissions fell from 8,456 to 7,527, according to the data handed to an addiction helpline by Public Health England (PHE).

There is a split over what has caused the drop – with some blaming sweeping Tory cuts to councils, who oversee spending on rehab.

The Local Government Association insisted the fall was “largely” due to fewer people needing treatment as people steer away from drugs like heroin.

But the LGA also warned the overall picture is “all the more challenging” due to swingeing cuts to public health budgets.

Read More : Mirror.


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