No mental health support or housing for Grenfell survivors : Socialist Worker.

A section of a protest outside a Kensington and Chelsea council meeting last Wednesday

A section of a protest outside a Kensington and Chelsea council meeting last Wednesday (Pic: PA)

The class divide brought into the light by the Grenfell Tower fire has been further exposed this week.

Families are still struggling in temporary accommodation and overcrowded hotel rooms.

Meanwhile, it emerged on Monday that the council sold just two council houses in the borough for £4.5 million.

That’s more than the cost of the cladding that is thought to have contributed to the rapid spread of the fire.

The council has offered survivors temporary accommodation which, it claims, could become permanent.

Some 40 households have taken up the offer out of 168 who were offered it. But temporary accommodation is often too small and of poor quality.

And traumatised people are being left without support.

A police “gold command” meeting on Monday morning, which was sparsely attended by survivors, focused on mental health issues.

Joe Delaney from the Grenfell Action Group attended the meeting.

“Mental health support services are very patchy and sporadic—and at times, non-existent,” he told Socialist Worker.


“They’ve closed the Westway Centre and moved services to the Curve on Bard Lane. That’s only open until five or six every night, so people who need help after that have to phone a call centre.”

Joe pointed out that it is only weeks since the blaze and that people are suffering trauma.

“Residents near the block are hearing people screaming at night,” he said. “You’re seeing people wandering around the streets.

“Quite a few of us have dealt with people who are suicidal.

“The council has the money for mental health services. It shouldn’t fall to residents to help people.”

Survivors and the relatives of the dead want justice. That would include councillors facing prosecution for signing off on decisions that officially left at least 81 people dead in the fire.

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  1. These poor people have been badly let down. The local council have been useless, they don’t seem to have any intention of housing them locally. The government have let them down. Theresa May promised they would all be rehoused within 3 weeks, since then she has hardly mentioned the tragedy. Another Tory broken promise.

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