Court Scraps Tax on Justice at Work : Morning Star.

Tories to cough up £32m in tribunal fees

UNIONS hailed a “major victory for employees everywhere” yesterday, as the Supreme Court sensationally declared employment tribunal fees illegal.

The court unanimously affirmed that the government had acted unlawfully and unconstitutionally when it introduced the fees four years ago.

In a final humiliation, Whitehall will have to reimburse a whopping £32 million worth of fees it has collected since 2013.

Public-sector union Unison, which pursued the legal case, said a “tax on justice” had finally been lifted.

“These unfair fees have let law-breaking bosses off the hook these past four years, and left badly treated staff with no choice but to put up or shut up,” the union’s general secretary Dave Prentis said.

“It’s a major victory for employees everywhere.

“Unison took the case on behalf of anyone who’s ever been wronged at work, or who might be in future. Unscrupulous employers no longer have the upper hand.”

In 2013 then justice secretary Chris Grayling introduced fees of up to £1,200 for taking grievances to tribunals.

A review into the effects of the fees earlier this year exposed a massive 70 per cent drop in the number of cases brought to tribunals since they were introduced.

Justice Minister Dominic Raab said the government would “take immediate steps to stop charging fees in employment tribunals and put in place arrangements to refund those who have paid.”

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  1. A victory for workers and unions.

    It’s great that people who have had to pay a fee will be refunded, but I feel sorry for the ones who weren’t able to go to tribunal, as they couldn’t raise the cash upfront. They are the biggest losers.

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