Hygiene Poverty: The ‘Hidden’ And Growing Problem That’s Crushing People’s Self-Esteem : Huffington Post.

‘Long before people go to a food bank, they stop buying hygiene products.’

George Bowden/HuffPost UK
Gert, pictured, is one of thousands affected by a worsening so-called hygiene poverty

A ‘hidden’ poverty is propelling thousands of people into a crisis of confidence across Britain, a leading charity has warned.

So-called ‘hygiene poverty’, where people can’t afford basic personal toiletries, is causing perilously low self-esteem and risks an epidemic of mental health issues, In Kind Direct said.

New research for the organisation found local charities it supplies are increasingly desperate for big donations of products like soap and deodorant.

George Bowden/HuffPost UK
Packs of toiletries supplied by In Kind Direct line the walls of a charity’s office in London

Some 82 percent of charities reported an increased demand for toiletries and cleaning products, while a new survey of 1,000 Brits found 37 percent of people went without them due to lack of funds.

Last year the charity distributed a record £20.2m of hygiene products, a rise of 67 percent on 2015, when £12.1m of products were distributed.

The charity’s Robin Boles told HuffPost UK: “This is a hidden poverty.

Long before people go to a food bank, they stop buying hygiene products.


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  1. This shoots down the DWP’s theory, that sanctions incentivise people to look for work.

    How can anyone look for work if the can’t keep themselves clean?

    Thankfully I’ve never reached that level of desperation, but I do remember cutting my own hair once, as I couldn’t afford to go to the hairdressers, before I went for an interview.

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