Underpaid care workers face long wait for wages : Morning Star.

Ministers suspend minimum wage enforcement regime to help care bosses

CARE WORKERS owed back-payments could face lengthy delays after the government suspended its minimum wage enforcement regime.

Tory ministers announced yesterday that they would waive fines against care bosses who underpaid workers for sleep-over shifts, saying they were giving “additional support for social care providers.”

They said this would apply to “historic” breaches — by which they meant all penalties for such offences before yesterday will be scrapped.

They also announced a suspension of HM Revenue and Customs enforcement against underpayment for sleep-over shifts until October 2.

Whitehall said the financial burden posed by the typical enforcement regime could impact the “stability and long-term viability” of private care contractors.

Care workers’ union GMB branded the decision “ridiculous” and “reckless.”

National secretary Rehana Azam blasted: “This kind of deregulation will cause suffering for both service users and staff.

“Employers may feel emboldened to break the law again in the future. GMB urges the government to rethink their ill-judged decision.”

Read More : Morning Star.


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