Grenfell Tower survivors ask, ‘Can we trust the legal system?’ : Socialist Worker.

Protests have put pressure on the authorities

Protests have put pressure on the authorities (Pic: Guy Smallman)

A public meeting on Wednesday this week underlined the deep mistrust survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire feel towards the inquiry panel headed by Sir Martin Moore-Bick.

“We don’t trust you,” said local resident and Justice 4 Grenfell activist Moyra Samuels to Moore-Bick. “Look at the diversity of this community?where is that reflected in you?

“Who are you going to put on that panel to instil trust?”

Another person in the audience on Wednesday asked, “Can we even trust the legal system?”

Moore-Bick replied by saying, “All I can say is give us a chance.”

The meeting erupted in anger when Moore-Bick repeatedly said the inquiry will not be able to bring criminal charges.

“The public inquiry is not allowed to make decisions on criminal responsibility,” he said.

New council leader Elizabeth Campbell is also under attack becasue she owns a £1 million second home on the Isle of Wight originally bought through a family trust and a company registered to an offshore tax haven.

Joe Delaney, from the Grenfell Action Group, said, “Councillor Campbell, who pretends that she finally gets it and understands the plight of residents in such dire circumstances, is actually as out of touch as the rest of the council and those responsible.”


The council has promised 400 new social housing units within the next five years. But will this hapen, and what about the intervening period?

Nobody should not be forced to live in temporary accommodation for years on end, and especially when new figures show there are almost 1,900 empty homes in the borough.

One of the dangers of the endless meetings is that they wear people down.

Read More : Socialist Worker.



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