The DEATH of cash? Ten million Britons avoid shops that don’t accept card payments : Express.

CREDIT card payments and use of a debit card is increasingly becoming the way shoppers prefer to pay for their goods on the UK high street.

New research, shared exclusively with, has shown 10 million people actively avoid shops, restaurants, newsagents, cafés or bars that only accept cash.

This aversion to using cash is costing shops millions in lost business as 73 per cent of UK consumers have changed their mind and decided not to buy something having seen the size of a queue in a shop – queues which are exacerbated by the how slow it is to pay with cash.

And it seems shoppers also hate self-scanners, with 48 per cent frustrated by the current crop of self-payment infrastructure in Britain’s retail outlets.

The research, which was carried out by Ubamarket and questioned 2000 people, predicted mobile purchases are the future.

41 per cent of those questioned believed all payments will be done via mobile devices in the future, and the sharp rise in the use of systems such as Apple Pay reflects this trend.

Commenting on the findings Will Broome, CEO of Ubamarket, said: “Over the past decade, major retailers have taken some strides to improve in-store shopping by embracing new technologies.

“However, today’s research reveals that long queues and frustratingly out-dated payment systems remain a significant challenge that are ruining millions of shopping trips and therefore must be addressed.

“Despite the rise of online shopping, it is clear that retailers need to invest in the in-store shopping experience to maintain shoppers’ loyalty in today’s competitive market.”

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  1. The arguement about people avoiding queues doesn’t stack up. Surely there are queues whether you pay by cash or card.

    I think most of these articles are propaganda, to put people off using cash. It doesn’t put me off. I prefer cash every time.

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