‘This is the ultimate slap in the face’ Former soldier lost his legs in Afghanistan but English hospital will no longer treat him because he’s Scottish : Daily Record.

Lance Corporal Callum Brown has been told the English NHS will no longer foot the bill for his treatment at hospital specialising in military casualties.

Lance corporal Callum Brown served with the 2 Scots, the Royal Highland Fusiliers.

A soldier who lost his legs in Afghanistan will no longer get treatment in England – because he’s Scottish.

Callum Brown, 28, still endures horrific pain from injuries caused by a bomb blast six years ago.

But now the former soldier is to lose the treatment and medication he has relied on.

He said yesterday: “I am sitting here without my legs because I fought for this country.

“This is the ultimate slap in the face. I am still in shock and can barely get my head around it.”

Former lance corporal Callum, from Ayr, has been under the care of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

The hospital, where he was treated when he was first airlifted home, has dedicated and specialised facilities for military casualties.

But on his last visit, he and wife Laura were stunned to be told he could no longer go there because he doesn’t live in England.

Callum fears the decision could even cost him his life because he will no longer have access to the specialist treatment available at the hospital.

Callum said: “When I was down there, a senior member of staff told me that he was ashamed to say that they could no longer treat me there.

“He said it was because the English NHS would no longer foot the bill for me there since I wasn’t from England.

“I couldn’t understand it. Last time I checked, I fought for the British Army.

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  1. This is an absolute outrage. His MP should be demanding that Hunt stand up in HOC and explain on record, how he has made an absolute mess of our health service.

    Surely there must be some reciprocal agreement available to treat him. I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous.


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