Euro judges slap down EU over ‘indiscriminate’ plan to store and share YOUR sensitive data : Express.

BRUSSELS was today slapped down by its own court over controversial plans to authorise the “indiscriminate” storage of sensitive data about people’s private lives for years on end.

Jean-Claude Juncker and Justin Trudeau

The EU and Canada had reached an agreement on passenger record storage
Eurocrats wanted the powers to keep deeply personal details about citizens’ travelling habits, dietary requirements, relationship status, financial situations and health on record and share them with countries across the globe.

The massive data capture, which would apply to UK citizens travelling in and out of Europe even after Brexit, was proposed in an agreement between the EU and Canada on retaining and sharing passenger records to combat terrorism.

EU leaders want to create a database which automatically keeps blanket details about all people taking trans-Atlantic flights from Europe to Canadian airports for a period of five years, to be accessed as required.

They insist the measure is needed to combat international terrorism but political opponents said the measures went “beyond acceptable limits for safety and surveillance” and threatened everyone’s fundamental right to privacy.

Read More : Express.


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