SNP slammed amid claims that controversial zero hour contracts are ‘positive’ : Daily Record.

Labour have called for an overhaul after it was revealed that contracts are classed as a positive destination.

Iain Gray has slammed the SNP for their positive attitude to zero hour contracts (Image: Daily Record/PA)

The SNP Government describe zero hours contract jobs as “positive” for school leavers despite the First Minister saying the contracts “demean and exploit” workers, it has emerged.

Labour called for an overhaul of how school leavers’ progress and the success of the education system is assessed, pointing out Nicola Sturgeon’s party count the controversial contracts as a “positive destination” for young people.

Labour’s education spokesman Iain Gray said it means the SNP regard “almost any job, no matter how temporary or insecure, as a success”.

The statistics showed that in 2015-16, 91.4 per cent of school leavers went on to a “positive destination”, such as university, college, training or work, down from 92 per cent in 2014-15.

Read More : Daily Record.


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