Brexiteers should face ‘CRIMINAL’ charges over campaign pledges, says Sir Alan Sugar : Express.

LEADING Brexiteers should face “criminal charges” for pledges made during their campaign to take Britain out of the European Union, according to Sir Alan Sugar.

The Apprentice host hit out at Vote Leave’s Boris Johnson and Michael Gove for “misleading” voters with claims of £350m-a-week for the , which was emblazoned across their campaign bus.

During a furious anti-Brexit tirade, the billionaire businessman insisted voters who opted to leave the European Union would soon change their mind if campaign pledges are not delivered.

He told : “When you consider a lot of the electorate believed Boris Johnson and Gove, that £350m per week was being paid to the EU and if we left the EU we would then put that £350m into the NHS – that was a blatant lie.

“Think about the balance about how close leaving the EU was in the referendum, and think of several tens of thousands of people who tipped the scale as to whether we leave or don’t leave, and the tens of thousands of people who believed that lie.

Brexit news Alan SugarGETTY

Brexiteers should face criminal charges, according to Sir Alan Sugar

It should be a criminal offence when something as serious as that is going to change the perception of the UK

Sir Alan Sugar

“Because of that lie we are now engrossed in an exercise of trying to get out of the EU because that’s what we voted for.

“In three to four years time, the full impact of that terrible decision will hit home, and those people who voted to leave will be, most probably, blaming the existing government for not negotiating a better deal.”

Back on the topic of the Vote Leave bus, Lord Sugar blast: “It should be a criminal offence when something as serious as that which is going to change the who perception of the United Kingdom then it should be – simple as that.”

Vote Leave – the official campaign – toured up and down the country with the red bus, which has since gained notoriety because of NHS slogan on its side.

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  1. I’m sick to death of Alan Sugar and his rants. Last week he was on Twitter, demanding Jeremy Corbyn apologise for breaking his promise about student debt. He was absolutely panned for that. Someone demanded that he should apologise for foisting Katie Hopkins on us…lol.

    Now he’s found something else to moan about. Anyone who believed that Boris Johnson would divert £350 million into the health service, should not be allowed to vote. End of!

    Why doesn’t he do what the rest of the House of Lords do, snooze all day!


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