WATCH: Slum landlord gets confronted after threatening to evict family for asking him to fix collapsing roof [VIDEO] : Evolve Politics.

A family of five, including a 15-year-old with Crohn’s disease, have been living in ‘inhabitable’ circumstances for six years due to yet another incompetent landlord.

A video from the Bristol Post shows the moment the landlord was confronted by calm representatives from tenant’s union ACORN; the union were protesting both the state of the rental property and his intimidating manner.

The landlord’s response? To tell the family that they will be evicted.

Damp and mouldy

The damp and mouldy home in Easton, Bristol, has had a leaky roof for ‘at least 5 years’, according to tenant Manal Elamin.

The landlord had already been instructed by the council to fix a leak in the bathroom, which drips down onto a combi boiler in their kitchen. However, an improvement order demanding both this and other repairs hasn’t yet been entirely successful. Despite roof repairs two weeks ago, a recent rainy day revealed that the roof was still leaking.

“I’m scared here”

Manal explained her fear of living in the accommodation, telling the Bristol Post that:

“I’m scared here, scared for our health, scared that the ceiling will collapse,”

Her 20-year-old son Raed explained that his sister Dalal is in and out of hospital due to Crohn’s disease. The family are under hospital instruction to keep everything clean and tidy at home. However, their living circumstances mean that this is extremely difficult.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, the family are desperate to move but unable to. Raed said:

“We look all the time,” said the 20-year-old. “We’ll be passing somewhere that’s new to let, and be straight onto them. But so many other people are too. And around here the rent is going up so there is simply nowhere else to go.

Bizarre rantings of a slum landlord

In a cruel and disgusting rant, Ahmed said:

“I am a citizen of this country, a born and bred Bristolian, and she’s nothing but trouble.

I’m a peaceful man and I get things done. I couldn’t believe what took place at my house. But I will evict them, absolutely – the notice is final, and it’s my right to do that, it is my house and I own it, and they have two months’ notice whenever I like.”

Read More : Evolve Politics.


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