Daily Mail Front Page On Airport Queues Causes Some Confusion : Huffington Post.

‘Erm, weren’t tough EU borders checks exactly what they wanted?’


The Daily Mail has sparked confusion and derision after expressing outrage about airport delays within the European Union – despite repeatedly criticising border controls for not being tight enough.

The Mails’ front page on Wednesday declared: “Shambles at EU airports”.

Daily Mail
Wednesday’s Daily Mail front page expressed outrage at EU airports

Its reported that British tourists are queueing for “up to four hours” due to to the “botched introduction of tougher EU border checks”, noting that travellers from outside the Schengen zone are facing stricter vetting at the border.

The newspaper’s stance prompted many on social media to point out that the Mail “doesn’t know what it wants” given it has previously complained that the UK’s borders were “wide open” and expressed alarm over immigration figures.

Daily Mail
The Mail criticises the UK’s ‘wide open borders’

Daily Mail
A declaration that ‘one million migrants are on their way’

Daily Mail
The Mail’s fears over ‘100,000 illegals stopped at the UK border’

Meanwhile, the Government has been urged to use “whatever influence it can” to pressure EU states to adequately staff their airports after British holidaymakers faced lengthy queues at passport controls.

Read More : Huffington Post.


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