A Tory MP just said that only a miracle will stop children going hungry in Tory Britain : Evolve Politics.

Tory MP Simon Hoare just said that only a miracle will stop children going hungry in Tory Britain

In a vain attempt to make a mockery of Jeremy Corbyn, a Tory MP has inadvertently admitted that he believes only a miracle will stop children from going hungry in Tory-governed Britain.

Instead of taking the issue of a million British children going hungry over the school holidays seriously, Simon Hoare, the Tory MP for North Dorset, decided to make a joke about it.

Jeremy Corbyn initially tweeted a link to a recent Huff Post article that stated new figures showed a million children could go hungry this summer.Huff Post Million Children Go HungryCorbyn added:

This is a national disgrace. We can’t have millions of children going hungry over the school holidays.

But rather than show concern for the fact that children were going hungry under the governance of his party, or actually say what the Tories planned to do about it, Conservative MP Hoare decided to try and mock Jeremy Corbyn by implying he had a Messiah complex for caring about hungry children.

Hoare said:

Go on Jezza: do your thing with the loaves and fishes! Best to stop walking on the water before you do though.

However, what’s even more worrying is that Simon Hoare’s crass comments seem to imply that children going hungry is simply unavoidable: that only a miracle could stop it. Not only is this a despicably short-sighted view, it’s also patently untrue.

Poverty is completely avoidable, and all the statistics show that everything the Tories have done since coming to power has made the situation worse.

Figures show that the number of food parcels sent out by the Trussell Trust alone increased from 40,898 to 1,182,954 between 2010 and 2016-17 – an unbelievable increase of 2,792% since the Tories came to power.

To make matters worse for the Tories, a report by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Hunger estimates that over half of the emergency food issued in Britain comes from organisations other than the Trussell Trust – meaning that the true scale of hunger in the UK is almost certainly far greater than is currently being reported.

Hoare’s comments are solely intended to distract from the fact that the Tories’ disgraceful governance is the real cause of rising poverty in Britain.

A recent report from Oxford University shows that the Tories’ agenda of stripping down the welfare state and implementing unessecary sanctions on benefit claimaints are a key driver of hunger and food bank use.

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  1. Tories, and some Labour MPs, live completely in the Westminster bubble. They have no awareness, no empathy, and not even a clue about the real world.

    I do think they should stay off Twitter though, although I love seeing people take them down, as soon as they open their mouths. Anna Soubry and Nadine Dorries are another pair, who spout their ill-informed nonsense on Twitter. As soon as someone points out to them the error of their ways, they accuse them of bullying.

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