Another Tory minister scores a lucrative job at a lobby firm : Morning Star.

In 2010 David Cameron gave a speech in which he outlined “the next big scandal waiting to happen.”

Cameron said: “I’m talking about lobbying — and we all know how it works. The lunches, the hospitality, the quiet word in your ear, the ex-ministers and ex-advisers for hire, helping big business find the right way to get its way.”

Since then Cameron’s ex-ministers and ex-advisers have shown they took Cameron’s speech not as a warning, but as advice. They are queuing up to be “for hire” to “big business.” James Chapman is the latest in the queue.

For the last year Chapman has been a special adviser to Brexit Secretary David Davis. Before that he was director for communications for then-chancellor (now Evening Standard editor) George Osborne.

In July he became a “partner” in the “political practice” of lobbyists Bell Pottinger. The company has a long history of scandal.

In 2011, undercover reporters from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism spoke to the company, claiming to be representatives of the government of Uzbekistan trying to get a better image. The journalists picked Uzbekistan because of its terrible record on human rights and child labour.

Bell Pottinger was happy to take the meeting, and suggested it had an inside track to the Tory leadership.

Read More : Morning Star.



  1. These people have been spurred on by the master of spin himself, Tony Blair. They’ve seen how the war mongering criminal has walked away from his crimes with no repercussions, and how he went on to make millions, if not billions, sucking up to, and selling arms to human rights abusers in these countries, and they have thought to themselves, well if he can get away with it, then so can I.


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