Official Conservative Twitter account tweets ‘disgusting’ racist attack on Diane Abbott : Evolve Politics.


An official Conservative Twitter account tweeted a ‘disgusting’ racist attack on the Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott before swiftly deleting it.

The tweet was posted by @DigitalTories, an official Conservative Twitter account waging a ‘digital war’ against Labour following Jeremy Corbyn’s huge online success throughout the recent election campaign.

The highly offensive tweet contained a picture of Diane Abbott accompanied by a line saying “Apparently it’s #NationalWatermelonDay.

digital tories racist tweet
Digital Tories tweet

Harrow Conservatives

Rather than condemn the obvious racist connotations in the tweet from the official Tory Twitter account, a Conservative spokesman simply attempted to deny that the account was in any way linked to the Conservative Party, stating to The Canary that the twitter account is:

“…not affiliated with the Conservative Party”

However, The Skwawkbox has uncovered startling evidence that clearly shows @DigitalTories is indeed an official account of Harrow Conservatives, as promoted on their website:

Read More : Evolve Politics.


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