‘Procrastinating’ Tories launch energy price review – weeks after shelving plans for a cap : Mirror.

Labour said millions of customers need “action, not another review” as they face a “bleak winter ahead”

Your bills may not be reined in any time soon (Image: Getty)

Tory ministers have been accused of “procrastination” for launching a review of energy prices – weeks after shelving their own plans for a cap.

Oxford University professor Dieter Helm will look at how the Government can meet climate targets while keeping household bills low.

But he is beginning his review just days after British Gas announced it was hiking electricity bills by 12.%.

And plans for a wide-ranging price cap did not make their way from the Tory manifesto into the Queen’s Speech.

There are plans to safeguard tariffs for the vulnerable, but a set cap on bills does not feature in planned laws for the next two years.

Shadow Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey said the review was “another example of the Government’s procrastination”.

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  1. oh dear the torys backhanders will get bigger thuss they say they chasing these companies about their charges while taking their bribes oh dear


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