The torrent of racist abuse now being aimed at Grenfell survivors makes us truly ashamed to be British : Evolve Politics.

A twisted turn of public opinion has seen many on social media turn against survivors of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire, opening the floodgates to a torrent of racial abuse.

Bitter rants can be found all over social media, with people claiming that the Grenfell survivors are undeserving of help – often basing this disturbing opinion on the ethnic origin of survivors. Even more distressing is that the odious comments are often strongly supported by up-votes and likes.

In an interview with BBC News, Grenfell survivor Lillian begged people to ‘please, please stop the abuse’ and explained how she is too scared to tell anyone she is from the tower for fear of online racist attacks.

‘I wonder which boat he came off?’

Recently some truly awful comments about the victims have been circulating on Twitter, such as “It’s the nature of third worlders: push & push until you get what you want” and “All illegals should be put in a camp”.

Responding to some who seemed sceptical that any such attacks had been occurring, Twitter user Celeste Thomas was fast to highlight some of the racist abuse she had seen online:

These are just a couple of examples of the numerous racist attacks that have been directed against the Grenfell survivors on social media platforms recently. Many of the public seem to think that they don’t deserve help or support because of their ethnicity.

However, along with these racist attitudes, the residents are also being attacked from almost every other possible angle.

When Sky News posted a video about some of the victims of the disaster enjoying a deserved summer break in Bognor Regis – paid through generous donations – the majority of the top comments were simply awful. They were enough to make you deeply ashamed to live in what is fast becoming a despairingly callous, vindictive and uncaring British society.

Grenfell Video

In fact, we could only find one positive comment on the entire Sky News post.

It had just 3 likes.

Read More : Evolve Politics.



  1. I’m shocked at the level of abuse online at the moment. People seem to have been brainwashed by the government and the media to hate any migrants, particularly Muslims, and people feel they have carte blanche to insult and abuse people.

    I’m not a tell-tale, but the other day, I reported a particularly nasty comment in the Express that managed to be both racist and homophobic in the same sentence.


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