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Have you ever heard of the ‘Standing in Waiting Room” experiment? If you haven’t, here’s the video of what I’m talking about, though I’ll also give you a brief summary of the video:

In this video, the test subject does not know that everyone in the doctor’s waiting room, except for her, is in on an experiment. At the sound of a tone, everyone in the waiting room stands up, waits, then sits back down.

The woman in the video at first is confused by this action, but, after a little time, she also stands up like everyone else. One by one, everyone else in the room is called back to see the doctor until it just this one woman, alone.

The tone goes off and, what do you know, she stands up, even though no one else is in the room. Then, more people start to show up. This time, these folks are not in on the experiment.

The woman, with others in the room who are not in on the experiment (in other words, they’re not going to stand at the sound of the tone), continues to stand up at the sound of the tone.

The people that have come in, after a little time, follow her example. They all stand up at the tone, wait, and then sit down. What’s more, after the woman herself is called in, the other people continue to stand up at the tone.

Social conformity is a powerful influencer. It is so powerful that even if an act, like standing up at the sound of a tone, gives no understood benefit, might even seem nonsensical, if enough people around you are doing it, you are highly likely to do it as well.

Stay with the thoughts presented above as I cover a news item that many of you may have already heard of. This is a story about microchipping humans, but it’s being done by a private company.

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