Young people bear the brunt of Tories’ brutal policies and the SNP must take action : Daily Record.

Record View looks at the effect of Tory cuts to councils’ homelessness services.

A homeless person sleeps in the street

A homeless person sleeps in the street (Image: Trinity Mirror)

Scotland has a housing crisis and it’s the young who are bearing the brunt.

Faced with such evidence, you’d think government policy would be to help those at the sharp end.

But the Tories, yet again, are being found out for their reckless welfare cuts that hit the poorest.

And they are the ones presiding over poverty wages and a high cost of living.

In Scotland, the SNP are being told to take the crisis seriously.

They have a range of powers to deal with private rental costs, affordable housing and tenants’ rights.

But it’s clear there’s something wrong as far as the young are concerned.

And it doesn’t end with housing.

It turns out life is getting even harder for those unlucky enough to be homeless.

The Tories are stealing £20million from councils’ homelessness services a year.

Charities including Shelter can see this scandal for what it is.

They say the most vulnerable people are being put in crisis.

The UK Government should sit up and pay attention before any more young people are hurt by their brutal policies.

Link : Daily Record.


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