Boris Johnson should be jailed over Brexit claims, says ex-David Davis aide : Guardian.

In series of tweets, James Chapman asks ministers hard questions about leaving EU and calls for new party to avoid ‘catastrophe’

James Chapman
James Chapman’s tweets calling for a ‘Democrats’ party drew support from pro-EU MPs from across the parties. Photograph: Roland Hoskins/ANL/Rex Shutterstock

The former chief of staff to David Davis has said Brexit is a catastrophe, and suggested that Boris Johnson and other leading Brexit campaigners should be jailed for claiming there would be an extra £350m a week for the NHS after the UK left the European Union.

James Chapman, a former special adviser who now works for a public relations firm, expressed his real views about leaving the EU in an online tirade after working for the Brexit secretary for a year at the Department for Exiting the European Union.

Despite having worked for the Conservatives and been political editor of the Daily Mail, Chapman called for a new party called the Democrats to be set up, and claimed that some “very interesting people” already wanted to be involved.

The former spin doctor had a scathing verdict on those who ran the leave campaign, which was fronted by Johnson, now foreign secretary, and Michael Gove, now environment secretary.

The most eye-catching tweet was clearly aimed at Johnson: “Let’s be honest, if we had an effective electoral law leading Brexiteers would now be in jail. #wheresmy350maweekboris.”

He began his online postings on Wednesday by calling Brexit a catastrophe:

Chapman went on to direct a series of tweets at cabinet ministers raising concerns about the impact of Brexit on their department. He asked Karen Bradley, the culture secretary, whether she could “confirm all US broadcasters are moving out of London because of the PM’s deranged hard Brexit” and tweeted to Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, asking how millions of British tourists would maintain access to emergency healthcare while in the EU.

Read More : Guardian.


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