Director highlights disability care tax scandal with hip-hop film Tax on Me : Daily Record.

Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi is backing fight to stop 10,000 disabled Scots paying for basic help they need.

Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi has refused to pay care charges on principal (Image: Daily Record)


A young film director is backing the fight to scrap the care tax.

Like more than 10,000 people in Scotland with disabilities, Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi is charged for the basic help she needs.

She said: “If you took someone off the streets and tied them up, everyone would be outraged.

“But the care tax denies people like me my human rights to move about, to work, to live my daily life.

“Imagine if you were taxed to eat, to drink, to go to the toilet and leave the house? That’s what is happening to people like me.”

Kiana recorded a rap track to raise awareness

Now Kiana has directed and produced hip-hop film Tax on Me, which is released today and shows her performing her own rap calling for action against the charges.

It will add to a growing movement of politicians and campaigners calling for an end to the charges, which see people under 65 penalised for being disabled.

The care tax costs disabled Scots a total of £18million a year and Kiana now owes more than £6000 after refusing to pay the charges on principle.

Read More : Daily Record.


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