Foreign aid farce: UK splurges BILLIONS of taxpayers cash on fossil fuels abroad : Express.

BRITAIN has spent more than £2billion of taxpayers cash on fossil fuel projects abroad over the last few years, a shocking study has revealed.


Despite committing the UK to invest in renewable energy, taxpayer money is being thrown into climate change affecting fossil fuels in developing countries.

Of the £6.13 billion the UK put into energy in developing countries between 2010 and 2014, 43 per cent went towards gas, oil and coal projects.

Another 29 per cent went into investments which used both renewable energy and fossil fuels or where energy sources could not be identified, the study by the Overseas Development Institute revealed.

The £2.85 billion of fossil fuel spending is more than double the £1.35 billion that was forked out for renewable energy investments.

Aid campaigners warned spending UK money on polluting energy sources abroad undermined the government’s commitments to tackle climate change and help nations develop sustainably.

Dr Sarah Wykes, lead analyst on climate change and energy at aid group Cafod, claimed it “doesn’t make sense” to spend public money on fossil fuels.

She said: “To tackle climate change we have to leave fossil fuels in the ground and switch rapidly to renewable sources of energy.

“Yet the UK carrying on a business as usual spending pattern overseas in recent years suggests a huge inconsistency in policy and a missed opportunity to promote greater investment in renewable technologies, as DfID has tried to do through its spending.

Read More : Express.


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