Only looking out for herself: SNP turns on flailing Nicola Sturgeon and her husband : Express.

NICOLA Sturgeon has been attacked for “protecting” herself rather than looking out for the interests of the SNP as questions were raised over her husband’s high-ranking party role.


The Scottish First Minister has been hit with claims of a “centralisation of power” with her husband also being the SNP chief executive.

Kenny MacAskill, a former cabinet minister under predecessor Alex Salmond, criticised Nicola Sturgeon’s handling of criminal allegations that former SNP business spokeswoman Michelle Thomson engaged in mortgage fraud involving her property firm, which led to her resignation from the party in 2015.

She then went on to become the Independent MP for Edinburgh West until May this year, and last week Police Scotland dropped the investigation saying there was no “credible evidence” against her.

Mrs Thomson said she would “welcome” an apology from Ms Sturgeon.

Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon is facing a backlash from her own party

Former lawyer Mr MacAskill said the lack of support from Ms Sturgeon raised fresh questions about “centralisation of power” in the SNP.

He also said the SNP leader’s “perspective” was affected by her husband, Peter Murrell’s role as party chief executive.

Mr MacAskill, the former Scottish justice secretary, said he accepted the party initially had “no alternative” about freezing Mrs Thomson out.

He told The Scotsman: “As the case dragged on legitimate questions could be asked whether that was sustainable, especially when her parliamentary colleagues with most to lose, were supporting her.

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  1. I don’t think it ever works to have a married couple in top position in either government or a company, too many conflicts of interest. That is one reason I would never be happy to see Yvette Cooper leading the Labour party, you just know Ed Balls would be pulling her strings.


  2. yuk Evette needs throwing out just another blair baby speaking of conflict of interest just look at the mays they do it every day fraud its called


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