The pro-EU Blairites couldn’t care less about workers. Their only aim is to ensure big business always wins. : Evolve Politics.


Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party poses a threat to the rule of big business. This much is clear from the panic currently gripping the establishment, both inside and outside of the Labour Party.

But what is also apparent is that, so far, the establishment has lacked a coherent strategy for removing him. Indeed, the harder they try, the more he is lifted up by his supporters, and the more entrenched in his position he becomes.

This is, in part, because of the extremely overzealous nature of the establishment’s attacks on him. The Blairites, the representatives of capitalism in the Labour Party, have orchestrated two anti-democratic coups against his leadership. They have openly briefed against him in the Tory press. They also continue to expel members simply on the grounds of being socialists.

At every stage in their ruinous campaign, the Blairites’ intentions have been obvious and their tactics predictable.

But recent history has forced some of the more thoughtful Blairites to adopt a more sophisticated strategy. This is partly because the open approach to removing Corbyn has, time and again, only served to consolidate his position. But it is also because Labour’s excellent results at the general election have forced the Labour right onto the back foot: to openly oppose the leadership at this stage could be considered a treachery too far!

So rather than attack him directly, the capitalist establishment, hoping to make Labour safe for big business again, is attempting to divide Corbyn’s support through appeals to the pro-EU sentiments of a section of his supporters.

This was seen when 51 Labour MPs and MEPS moved an amendment to the Queen’s Speech guaranteeing membership of the single market. It was also evident last week, when the London Mayor Sadiq Khan was reported as saying: “What could trump the referendum result is us having a manifesto offer saying, we would not leave the EU, or we would have a second referendum.”

So why do the Blairites fetishize the EU in this way?

The truth is that, fundamentally, the EU and the single market are pro-privatisation and work chiefly in the interests of big business.

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  1. These Blairites would quite happily shaft the poor in the interests of big corporations. Trouble is, the people who want to remain in the EU, can’t see this. If they vote for the likes of Umuna and Cable, they might as well vote Tory.


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