Hero was honoured by the Queen but betrayed by army after asking for help with his PTSD : Mirror.

Major Wayne Owers was honoured three times for gallantry after defusing 93 bombs in Afghanistan – then confided in military doctors about his terrifying nightmares.

Wayne Owers had a secret battle against PTSD (Image: Roland Leon/Sunday Mirror)


The dashing Army officer embodied the bravery of Britain’s Armed Forces on the front line.

Gallant Major Wayne Owers was honoured three times by the Queen, saved countless lives and defused nearly 100 bombs in Afghanistan.

Yet his 27-year decorated career ended with him being dumped – after he asked for help in battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The bomb disposal expert confided in military doctors after suffering terrifying nightmares and anxiety attacks from the horrors he witnessed.

But after two years of treatment he was told that he was unfit to serve any more, despite medical experts saying his condition was improving.

Rather than offering him a non-operational posting, as had happened with troops suffering physical injuries, chiefs ruled his career was over.

He was given a medical discharge and just £6,000 compensation to pick up the threads of his life.

Now the 46-year-old husband and father believes the Military Covenant counts for nothing if troops are diagnosed with PTSD.

He was among nearly 2,000 members of the Forces discharged since 2012 after developing PTSD from serving in war zones.

In an exclusive interview he spoke candidly of his bitterness, saying: “The Army was my life but in my darkest hour when I most needed help I was told, ‘You are no longer fit to serve’.

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  1. Only when they’re needed for a war.

    Look at Dunkirk, when they got of the boats on the south of England (after a horrifying experience) they were given a pat in the back and offered tea and scones.
    Cause they are needed to go back very shortly.

    I didn’t notice them getting lovely tea and scones when they were going on the way out.


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