Europhile MPs’ plot EXPOSED: Ministers plan to SABOTAGE Brexit team in UK Parliament : Express.

SCHEMING MPs have spent their summer plotting parliamentary defeats of Theresa May’s hard Brexit, it has emerged.


The cross-party europhile group is seeking a way to force Downing Street into making a play for a post-Brexit transition period.

They are demanding the UK remains in the Open Skies aviation agreement, the customs union and Euratom, the nuclear regulator, the Financial Times reports.

And as it is a cross-party plot, insiders claim groups will join together to defeat David Davis’ Brexit unit.

One Tory MP said Westminster is so fractured, although the pro-EU MPs want to get a soft Brexit, they are strongly against scoring points for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

One said: “There is a measure of co-operation but none of us want to help [shadow chancellor] John McDonnell or Jeremy Corbyn.”

Tory Anna Soubry, Stephen Gethins from the SNP and Plaid Cymru’s Jonathan Edwards were among a group which met in the office of Labour’s Chuka Umunna before Parliament went out for summer recess.

The group wants to issue its own policy paper and make amendments to the great repeal bill – which will convert EU laws in to British legislation, many of which can later be scrapped.

Read More : Express.

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